Himalaya Thermalling and cross country courses


Have you ever dreamed of thermalling like an eagle?

Airtrips can make that dream a reality...

BOOK NOW, this trip will fill up! For our nineteenth year running, we are once more off to that most reliable and mellow thermal paradise, the green and luscious Indian Himalayan foothills.

Each year pilots with differing levels of experience, ranging from absolutely zero hours since qualifying to near Skygods come with us. We always leave with experienced pilots and everyone always wants to go again. Most break all their personal bests! In 2015 we completed a 125 km out and return cross country flight, probably the then longest guided group xc of all time... Flights of over 200km are possible here!

Session 1 – 3/10/19 – 18/10/19 - Learn to thermal and fly XC

Session 2 – 17/10/19 – 03/11/19 - XC flying

We aim to operate at an incredible 3:1 student/instructor ratio. To help reduce 'flown-out pilot syndrome', which occurs with two weeks incessant paragliding, we have a non-flying day in the middle of each trip: Non-flying activities include visits to Dharamsala, hot springs, 1000 year old temples and fantastic trekking opportunities.

One of the benefits of our very high instructor to student ratio is that we can ensure the best possible experience for any level of pilot: For the recently qualified and/or low airtime pilot you can expect to become a competent XC pilot, able to identify and use thermal lift to cover serious distances and then land safely in a field of your choosing, perhaps even occasionally the main landing field. Look upon out-landings as an opportunity to meet new friends and have an amazing travel experience and you won't go far wrong; For the more experienced pilot on trip 2 who can already thermal well and is seeking some quality instruction in the awesome scenery and benign thermals of this classic XC paradise, we'll be aiming to improve your skills by guided XC flying every day with the occasional vol-bivouac, including some of the more dramatic routes and a flight over the famous high-altitude Prashar lake.

What's included: Instruction, half-board (B&B and evening meals) Airport transfers, transport to launch.

This year, we aim to fly Air India from Heathrow to Delhi then to Dharamsala. Alternatively of course, you could take flights that bracket ours and meet us at one of the airports. I strongly recommend you source your flights and transit hotel if required through Angie at Experience Holidays, aw@experienceholidays.co.uk, who has provided sterling service in the past! It may cost a few pounds more than booking direct, but it helps immensely to have an agent when dealing with India.

Session 1

Session 2

It can be the festivals of Deshera, Navratra and Diwali while we are there, so we need to book flights before they fill up! The cost of all this is £1499 for session one and £1650 for the longer session two, plus flights. Those with a more leisurely schedule could opt for both trips for £2499.

Please make your payment to AIRTRIPS as soon as possible.

Information pack with details of everything you need to know, through from visas and injections, to equipment is here.

The contact details and risk acceptance form is here. Please complete and return before your trip.

See you soon!

To discuss your needs please feel free to pop in for a coffee and a chat, call us on (01273)434002 or email info@airworks.co.uk.

Risk Acceptance and Contact Form
Information and Essentials

We plan to run a trip to Bir next Spring, approcimately 13/3/20 - 29/3/20.

The thermals can be a little stronger than the Autumn and cloud base can be over 6000m!
However, over the back is less demanding because of the snow cover limiting thermals and hence valley breezes.

There may still be snow on launch and we plan to play in the snow on any poor weather days!

We may also append a week of backcountry skiing or snowshoeing.

This trip is really targeted at pilots who have already completed at least a fortnight in a thermic mountain environment. i.e. done trip one in the past.

All other details such as accommodation etc are the same as the Autumn trip two.

Book with us now and book your flights as soon as possible

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Before You Book

Before you book, please read our terms and privacy policy.

Age limits: Dual flights - 12 (can be waived in exceptional circumstances,) One Day Introduction & EP - 14, Club Pilot - 14.

Please Note: Lessons do not have to be taken on consecutive days and may take more or less days than stated, depending on the individual's ability. It is advisable not to leave too much time between lessons, as progression through your course will be detrimentally affected. If you leave more than one month between lessons, you will be required to purchase an additional days training (£99) for each month without flying. Courses must be completed within 12 months of commencing. On all our courses we will only fly if it is safe to do so and in this regard the Duty Instructors decision is final.

BHPA Membership

Membership to the British Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association is mandatory because it covers you for third party liability. This is taken out on arrival at the school.

Day membership is £16 and full annual membership is £128.

Personal Accident Insurance

Aviation is inherently dangerous and can result in injury or death.

Personal Accident Insurance is not included in your BHPA membership nor is it currently available through the BHPA. We strongly recommend that you take out Personal Accident Insurance for the duration of your paragliding course. You would have to arrange this prior to your lesson(s). We are aware that Sportscoverdirect offer such insurance

Airworks Paragliding Centre |BHPA Registered School No. 282 | The Old Railway Station | Glynde | East Sussex | BN8 6SS | Shop Tel. 01273 434002 | Weathercheck Tel. 01273 858108 | info@airworks.co.uk © 2019 Airworks Paragliding Centre


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