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We have private sites covering all wind directions, ideal for the early days. Nonetheless we will ensure that all our CP students are familiar with the local club sites they will fly once qualified. Unlike some schools, we do actually go out training on a regular basis and we offer a personal approach to training...            


What is Speedflying?

Speedflying is flying using small, usually uncertifed but purpose designed, ram-air canopies to descend a slope quickly. Typically the flight is maintained close to the terrain to enhance the pilot's perception of speed.

When combined with skis it is known as speed riding.

We are offering direct access speedflying courses as part of a BHPA trial. Previously, participants have been required to complete the full CP(Hill) course before starting to fly speedwings.          


Speedflying One-Day Introduction £150

Image A whole day learning to speed fly, typically first getting airborne about lunchtime and flying all afternoon!

This is designed to give you an insight into what speedflying is all about. The introductory day is actually day one of the full course and your tuition will include all of the criteria that you would learn as a full course student. This ensures that should you wish to carry on to complete the training, you will already have learned the basics.

You are introduced to the equipment which includes speedwing, harness and helmet. You will learn to handle them on the ground and the basics of how to control them in the air. You will learn to take-off and land. Once you have acquired a reasonable level of competence you will be able to start actually flying. Typically this stage is reached just about lunchtime. You will start with flights only a few feet above the ground and should progress to flights from about 200' up the hill by the end of the day. You will have gained a good working knowledge of what is involved in learning to fly and will be ready to continue towards your club pilot rating. (maximum student weight 110 kg and you need to be fit!) You will need to join the BHPA as a day member (£15) when you arrive here. You must wear ankle supporting footwear.

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Speedflying Club Pilot Course  Only £800

The six day Club Pilot course builds further on the knowledge you have gained during your intro day. More importantly, once you have purchased your equipment from us, we will teach you until you achieve CP, even if it takes 20 days! We will teach you greater control, flying even higher and longer than before, until you are ready to fly unsupervised. We will build further on the theory, giving you a greater knowledge of our flying sites, the weather, air law, theory of flight and general airmanship. Once qualified, you will be free to join a local club and fly unsupervised, but we do prefer you to stick around and fly with us until you are truly competent!. You will need to join the BHPA as a full member (£121/year) when you arrive here. You must wear ankle supporting footwear.

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Fast Tracking Options

We have, with no shadow of doubt, the most committed group of instructors, dedicated to actually teaching you to fly. We go the extra distance every time to ensure that your learning experience is both enjoyable and effective.

This is speed flying; all of our students are on the fast track! We don't charge extra, you just need to be available.

Alternatively, if you wish to learn at a more sedate pace, we can help there too, but you will prefer paragliding.

Speed Flying Finishing School £499

If you found that you only learnt the basics of flying elsewhere or have just taken too a long break away from the air, this is what you need! Four days training to the standard required to speed fly. You must wear ankle supporting footwear. You must hold a Club Pilot or equivalent rating.

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Package Deals - The best way to get started!

By purchasing your complete equipment when you start training, or immediately after a taster day, you can save significantly - We offer a discount on the total spend, including the training course, which can effectively mean that you get the CP course for free!

Bronze package deal: CP(Speedflying) training, Glider, Harness & Helmet ~£2500, saving £loads! Details to be confirmed     

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Upgrading to a Course

If you have completed a Paragliding taster day with us or another BHPA school and you wish to progress your training towards Club Pilot(Speed flying) level please select the appropriate upgrade below. You will have to join the BHPA as a full member when you come for your next days training:

Upgrade Taster Day to Speed flying cp - £650     Add to basket.


Before You Book

Before you book, please read our terms & privacy policy .

Age limits: 16 until you can no longer run full pelt!           

Please Note: Lessons do not have to be taken on consecutive days and may take more or less days than stated, depending on the individual's ability. It is advisable not to leave too much time between lessons, as progression through your course will be detrimentally affected. If you leave more than one month between lessons, you will be required to purchase an additional days training (£99) for each month without flying. Courses must be completed within 12 months of commencing. On all our courses we will only fly if the duty instructor considers it safe to do so;
* the Duty Instructors decision is final.

BHPA Membership

Membership to the British Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association is mandatory because it covers you for third party liability. This is usually taken out on arrival at the school.

As part of your full BHPA membership, you will receive a copy of Skywings magazine for each month of membership. 

Day membership is £15, three-month membership is available and full annual membership is £121. 

Personal Accident Insurance

Aviation is inherently dangerous and can result in injury or death.

Personal Accident Insurance is not included in your BHPA membership nor is it currently available through the BHPA. We strongly recommend that you take out Personal Accident Insurance for the duration of your paragliding course. You would have to arrange this prior to your lesson(s). I cannot recommend any insurer, but Sportscoverdirect may offer cover.


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