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Himalaya Thermalling & XC Training Courses - BOOKING NOW!

Whether you have just passed Club Pilot or pilot a two-liner, this thermalling/XC course is personally tailored to you.

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In 2013 we set the guided XC site record at 110km out-and-return, then a record for a guided group! We  beat that in 2015 with 125km. We aim to improve still further in 2018 if you are up to it!

2018 Autumn - BOOK NOW! Building on our luckyseventeen highly successful trips, we will once more be off to that most reliable and mellow thermal paradise, the green and luscious Indian Himalayan foothills... 

Each year pilots with differing levels of experience, ranging from absolutely zero hours since qualifying to near Skygods come with us.

We always leave with experienced pilots and everyone always wants to go again.

Most break all their personal bests!

Session 1 – 1/10/18 to 17/10/18 - Learn to thermal and fly XC  

Session 2 – 15/10/18 to 02/11/18 - Advanced guided XC flying


Spring XCs - We are also running a trip to the Himalaya in March 2018 for the more hardened XC pilots. Please let us know if you are interested. (100 hours plus or at least a week in the Alps or similar in high summer)

To help reduce 'flown-out pilot syndrome', which occurs with two weeks incessant paragliding, we have a non-flying day in the middle of each trip: Non-flying activities include visits to Dharamsala, hot springs, 1000 year old temples and fantastic trekking opportunities.

We aim to operate at a 3:1 student/instructor ratio. One of the benefits of our very high instructor to student ratio is that we can ensure the best possible experience for any level of pilot:

Session 1 - Learning and improving thermalling skills and XC flying.

You will be a newly qualified club pilot through to one or two hundred hours or so.

For the recently qualified and/or low airtime pilot you can expect to become a competent XC pilot, able to identify and use thermal lift to cover serious distances and then land safely in a field of your choosing, perhaps even occasionally the main landing field. Look upon out-landings as an opportunity to meet new friends and have an amazing travel experience and you won't go far wrong;

Session 2 - Advanced guided XC flying 

For the more experienced pilot who can already confidently self-launch and thermal well and is seeking some quality instruction in the awesome scenery and benign thermals of this classic XC paradise, we'll be aiming to improve your skills by guided XC flying every day, including some of the more dramatic high altitude routes and the occasional vol-bivouac. 

What's included for 2016: Half board accomodation (B&B and evening meals,) Airport transfers, transport to launch. We aim to always fly home from XC and if we don’t manage that, to use local buses/taxis, which are so cheap and quick that it's not worth being retrieved, and anyway the adventure makes it worthwhile!

How much is all this going to cost? A measly £1399 plus flights.  

The plan will be to block-book the flights, thereby saving about £100 each... 

We have a DVD from an earlier trip to give you a taste of the adventure which I can send out or you can view it online below. If you are interested, call me on 01273 434002 for more details

You'll want to have:

  • Helmet, Glider & Harness
  • Reserve
  • Vario-altimeter
  • Compass - A spherical one which will work at any angle
  • 2m radio preferably with headset
  • GPS - that you can see while flying!
  • PLB or SPOT tracker
  • Medevac insurance (We suggest JS insurance) buy this as soon as you book.
  • Flying suit or canoe harness and duvet jacket.
  • Sense of adventure
  • Hire or purchase can be arranged for everything except the last item :0)


Steve Purdie

Book now on 01273 434002. 

Paragliding Bir-Billing 2010 from Neil Charles on Vimeo.

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