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What is hang gliding?

Image A hang glider is a soaring aircraft, capable of flights of over 300 miles and several hours duration. They were developed from rogallo wings, but a modern hang glider offers a glide angle of over 15:1. They are a semi-portable aircraft; they can be easily carried by car but weigh rather too much to carry for any considerable distance. That said, I have carried one both up and down Parlick Fell!. They cannot be readily taken onto public transport, including aircraft, due to their size when packed. One must further dismantle them, 'short-packing', prior to carriage and they remain vulnerable to damage.

We launch from hills and either ridge soar or find areas of warm rising air (thermals) and climb to cloudbase. While you are learning it is unusual for you to gather the skills required to start soaring in less than eight days. Once you have qualified as Club Pilot and gained a little additional experience, you may wish to start to launch by aerotow, where you are towed into the air by a microlight. This is rapidly becoming the most popular launch method.

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